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Embark on a journey of exploration as you delve into the world of exclusive selections by Invictus. Celebrate precious moments by taking pleasure from our special whisky selections, or our own blends of wines via collaborations with exclusive vignerons.
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We believe in the power of the stories that these fine spirits tell and would like to invite you to become part of this fascinating journey. Enjoy the aromas of oak, peat, fruitiness and spice - let yourself be seduced by the diversity and magic of whisky.
We focus on quality, passion and personal service. With our expertise and our passion for fine wines, we want to inspire your senses and take you on an extraordinary journey and provide you with unforgettable moments of pleasure. If you are looking for a special wine, we will find it for you.
For birthdays, company anniversaries, customer gifts or special occasions, we also offer customized labelling or laser engraving of the bottles. Only a limited number of casks are bottled each year - plan your anniversary with us in good time so that numbers (e.g. year of bottling, age of the whisky, bottle number) can be coordinated with your personal favorites if necessary.


Our collection spans a carefully selected variety of whiskies, from smoky and peaty to fruity and elegant single malts. Each bottle embodies the craft and centuries-old tradition of whisky making, characterized by unparalleled quality and the finest distilling skills.

Invictus is an independent bottler of Scotch whiskies. Our casks are stored in Scotland for between 10 and 25 years.  Each cask is unique (single malt, single cask). All whiskies are distilled to the highest quality standards and the casks are selected by our specialists. There is a special story behind every cask and every bottle. Each bottle is numbered accordingly and is unique. Depending on the cask size and age, around 350 bottles can be bottled.


Our range includes a variety of exceptional wines, from elegant red wines to refreshing white wines and sparkling champagne. Each bottle tells its own story, be it the traditional craftsmanship of a French ch√Ęteau or the passionate dedication of an Italian winery.

Invictus is the exclusive representative in Switzerland of renowned wineries.  Our aim is both to find wines for a discerning clientele and to actively create wines and make them available in Switzerland. Together with our partners, we also create our own wines with an outstanding price-performance ratio. Invictus wines, also from exotic countries, are in no way inferior to prominent names from Spain or Italy - let us surprise you.  Special editions, large bottles for special occasions, personalized labelling and engraving complete the range.

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